About Us

Why are you called Cause Stories?  Do you just write stories for clients?

We design, execute, and measure campaigns of long-term engagement, support, and fundraising for a variety of causes.  One of the tactics of those campaigns is storytelling.  It is, however, often the most fun part of the work.

What is your skillset?  What do you actually do for clients?

Our clients are typically cause campaigns that need to persuade some segment of the public to take an action, such as “Stop using charcoal grills indoors because they cause carbon monoxide poisoning” or “Don’t buy airbags from the black market and install them in your car because they won’t save your life in a crash.”

The traditional way to do such a campaign would be to come up with a soundbite like “Be the Hero Story, don’t grill indoors!” and then buy tons of media.   Once a year you might tweak the message, or the channels, but the media buy would be your big hammer.  By the end of the year the consumer is very tired of hearing your message, and will actively avoid it.

Our clients’ cause campaigns don’t get repetitious because we believe a) much of that media money is wasted, and b) we need to earn the attention of the audience over the long term in order to change their behavior.  When we start a project, we study the campaign, the messaging, the intended audience, and then devise a strategy that will allow us to produce fresh and engaging stories about the cause that continue to get attention.  Our expertise in marketing, creative, measurement and production management ensure a steady stream of interesting material for the intended audience.

This approach also lets us experiment with different ways of telling the cause’s story and find which ones are most effective.  Organically building the message over the long term ends up being cheaper and less wasteful of scarce client resources.


Who are you Shabbir?     Answer in a haiku.

Paki  Midwestern

Loves a tale well told,

Too many hobbies.

Who are you Sarah?  Answer in haiku.

Daughter of Jersey

Simple life philosophy

Just don’t be a jerk.