Kate Harle, animal welfare and conservation marketing strategist

Shabbir and Sarah visit Kate Harle at Slide Ranch

Shabbir and Sarah visit Kate Harle at Slide Ranch. Slide Ranch connects Bay Area children to sustainable farming and healthy eating, and inspires environmental stewardship through programs and camps on their 134 acres of coast lands in Marin, California.

Kate Harle has big brand integrated marketing experience from top agencies in the UK, and has worked with multiple animal and conservation nonprofits in the Bay Area including The Marine Mammal Center, Slide Ranch, WildCare Bay Area and Aquarium of the Bay helping them achieve their business, mission and fundraising goals through strategic, story-based marketing.  We have worked with her on multiple client engagements adding our talents to her marketing and fundraising programs.

At The Marine Mammal Center, we worked with her team to implement an analytics program to guide them in their low dollar fundraising campaigns, their annual walk-a-thon, and their critical end-of-year fundraising campaign.

Kate says she loved the visibility and confirmation that came with having reliable, quick measurable feedback to her marketing programs at the Marine Mammal Center.  “Every day we executed our marketing tactics, we knew what we had done before, we could test ourselves against ourselves, and quickly compare the results. At any time we could see what worked, what didn’t, and we could see ways of making it better next time. We became faster, smarter marketers.””

“When people ask me, ‘Why should I pay for analytics services?   What’s the value of this sort of work?’ I go back to the fact that in three years we tripled our online revenue, end of story.”

Getting up close and personal with the goats.

Sadly, one part of Sarah’s dress looked tasty to this goat.  She escaped with her clothing intact but soggy.